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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Favourite: Swag Bucks

I have a bunch of entries that I keep STARTING to write or getting the idea to write and then not being able to write them. This week has been wild and wooly, and I have sat down with the intention to share many a time... I even have riding pictures that are nearly three weeks old! But I had to post about this.

I just got a pair of brand new TuffRider paddock boots, and I didn't pay a cent for them. Not even shipping!

This entry is SORT OF "not horse related", but I wanted to share. I know I have mentioned it on the FB fanpage before, but I use a website called "SwagBucks" (full disclosure, if you click on that link, it is my referral link and I will get matching points for your first 1000 points worth of search wins - feel free not to use the referral link if you prefer.). It is a pretty neat site and I have been able to get about $135 worth of Amazon Gift Cards from the site.

The easiest way to earn points on the site is to use their search engine (comparable to Google) - I use it for EVERYTHING, instead of typing in web addresses these days. Three or four times per day, depending on how much you use it, you could be awarded "SB" for your search - I just won 59. It takes 450 "SB" to earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card.

The thing I loved the best about Swag Bucks was that ability to use it even in Canada. Lord knows enough of the "freebie" and survey sites are US only. I was impressed that I was able to accumulate so much with minimal effort here in Canada. There are lots of US citizens in the community that use Swag Bucks to help make ends meet - they offer coupons in the US (when you use them, you get a SB credit!), you can do surveys, viewing videos (basically ads) earns you SBs. Basically, there are tons of options, and you can redeem your SBs for anything from Amazon or Paypal gift cards to Keurig coffee makers in the "Swag Store".

I didn't think I would be able to use this for ANYTHING horse related... until I realized that Amazon now does third party sellers, and you can order from Horseloverz items and even direct Tuffrider products with Amazon gift cards! The possibilities are endless!

I didn't get paid for this advertisement, either. I just think it is NEAT and a lot of people don't realize it is out there!

I will give the review on the boots after I've had a bit more chance to wear them. :)


  1. Niice! Will have to go check it out! :)

  2. Sweet! I'm definitely going to have to look into this. Thanks :)

  3. PS, I'm new to this blogging thing... Where can I "follow" your blog? Most blogs I've encountered so far have had a little side bar thingy.