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Friday, June 29, 2012


It almost seems senseless to share these pictures now because it has been three weeks since then and she has changed - both in her way of going and in her weight, in my estimation - but I will share anyways - because there needs to be some photos "for posterity" when she looks so much better later down the road.

These photos were taken by my sister on June 9th at our new barn. It was her second or third ride since she landed, and the first time she had really been worked since last year. If I'm truly honest, though she's had several rides and been "under saddle" for three years, she has never really been put to work until now, and she is doing very well. She is definitely rising to the occasion and I am excited to see what she can accomplish!

(And yes, I know, my half chaps are falling apart, and too small - the good news is that I pick up a new pair of half chaps tomorrow in the mail which I also didn't pay a cent for, like my boots!)

So, without further ado, the "before" pictures!

"Before" Body Shot


More Longeing! (No, my irons won't stay rolled up, even with a knot in them!)

Little bit stiff yet. She is also scared of this door, I don't know why. She always seems surprised at the things she can see out of it. God love my weird-o pony.

Finally starts to relax down a little.

I think this is my favourite shot. She does need to bring her head up some but I love the give here.

Feeling a bit slouchy here! This really accentuates her cresty neck - she doesn't have any topline to speak of either at the moment so she is looking a bit like a big "S" but I think that this will come with time and fitness!
But on that note, can anybody believe that the horse above is also this horse:

I had a couple of weeks off from lessons on Lolya but am back at it this week... man, am I a hurting unit now! Nat really put me through my paces last night and my muscles are screaming today, but I LOVED it. As always, lots of thoughts to chew on and lots of progress yet to be made, but a lot of fun was had. :)

Happy long weekend to those who are getting one this weekend! Hope you get a chance to enjoy your horses!

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