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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Things Worth Having

I went home to the farm this past weekend. I've had a real bug to ride Bronwyn since I started riding the Friesian mare (I should give her name, for reference - it's pronounced Lola... but I am not sure that this is how it's spelt. I will get back to you on this one!). It's not always an easy ride at the farm - we don't really have an outdoor riding area to speak of, and hello, it is winter in New Brunswick. Granted, it is a much more tame winter than we are accustomed to, so far, but it it still winter, and I am still a freeze baby.

Before I could ride, there was some general housekeeping that needed done around the farm. We had to build a new box stall (for the long overdue weaning process for Serenity, which she dealt with fantastically, if I do say so myself!), clean some stalls, put some new plywood on the side of the barn. I spent more or less the whole of Saturday in the barn with my dad. You've seen me mention him here before - but when I am with my dad, I do some of my best thinking - because he's a good listener. I will admit to talking far too much, mostly a stream of consciousness type of conversation - but he listens, and I usually come to my own conclusions (admittedly, sometimes with a little prodding from him). But overall, my strong thought for the day was this: The things that are the most worth having often take the most work.

For example, my dog. Being a dog owner in the city is a lot harder than I recall it being in the country. There is no place to put him out unleashed, so he needs to be taken to stretch his legs at least twice a day, with other various outs to do his business (though admittedly, I have created a monster who doesn't want to do his business in his own yard, so his walks are classified as either a "walk" or a "potty walk" - to the end of the street so he is sufficiently distanced from his own property to do his business). I try to spend more time at home because he is there and I like to spend time with him. I am one of those people who finds real joy in the companionship of animals. Morrie provides a great deal of entertainment and emotional support, if I'm honest, to me. So it does require me to get out of bed 20-40 minutes early so there's time for a walk before I go to work - and trust me, I love my sleep - but the joy of having the dog with me, that's worth the inconvenience.

Fixing fence, working on the barn, cleaning stalls - those are all things that get "in the way", interrupting our chance to spend time with our horses one on one. But if we didn't have to do any of that work, would it still be as precious, the time that we do have? Would we appreciate it as much as we do now? I have learned over time, that sometimes the most valuable, cherished, beautiful, important things in our lives are those things that you have to work hard to get, you are inconvenienced to maintain, and require the most time and attention. And that's not half bad, I don't think. It helps us to appreciate things more!

Where has this lesson been applied in your life? Do you sometimes complain about the work involved with the horses, but appreciate the time you spend with them that much more? Am I completely out to lunch?

When everything got cleared up, and all the work (and then some) that we needed to get done was finished, I got to ride on Sunday morning. It was a brisk -17C with windchill, the snow was deep, but I bundled up and my horse was joyful as we took a little jaunt through the snow! We are both in "winter shape" at the moment, but we enjoyed one another's company, that is for sure.


  1. I really needed to read your post right now. I am feeling very stressed and frustrated trying to do everything. My husband is very ill and has been in the hospital for 3 weeks now and will need heart surgery and to learn to walk again. I am trying to look after his business, work, look after 3 horses, 3 dogs, and 3 cats, plus deal with the joys of burning wood, throwing it in, getting hay,cleaning the barn, fixing fences, paying bills,and answering inquiring phone calls. My days are full to the brim and I don't see it getting any easier for a long time.
    Of course I hear the comment how I should sell the horses and it has crossed my mind. It would be easier, especially since I have arthritic knees, and other health issues myself. I keep thinking no more trips outside with water and fighting with round bales,cleaning up the endless piles of poop, and no more dark mornings trying to get the horses fed before work. In essence no more frustration.
    Of course if they go, there are no more nickers, no more hay in my hair, or for that matter hair that smells of horses! No more furry hugs, pounding hooves running to meet me at the fence, and no more strong necks to hug and cry into.
    Yes, it takes special people to do everything we do. We all complain but tomorrow is another day and we will do it all over again. Life really could be worse.

  2. Fantastic to hear that yourself and Bronwyn are getting on well.
    Brrr, sounds cold where ye are. I best not complain about our weather in your presence!

    I nominated your Blog for a Liebster Award - see my blog for exactly what that entails, ;)

    Although I am sure your wonderful contributions have received many awards and much higher praise than anything i can offer!

  3. It is so true that the work that goes into something is what makes it enjoyable! I wish I owned my own horses to work on and enjoy, but I still love the moments of farmwork that lead up to the moments in the saddle or just moments bonding!

    After I graduate I'll be working hard at a full-time job in order to buy myself a horse and pay for it's board somewhere. I so look forward to the day I have a horse to call my own. I LOVE your Bronwyn. I have a thing for black horses as well as war horses :)