2015-12-15: Hi! You're probably here because you did a Google search for 'plus sized horseback riders' or you saw my content quoted elsewhere. There are a couple of things I'd like you to know.

I am still here! But I am living away from my horses and not riding often. I could tell you a lie and say that I am, but I have always endeavored to give you the truth here. As a result, I'm not feeling terribly motivated to write blog posts and I feel out of touch with the community.

I'd love for you to stay a while and look back through the archives. Visit the links listed below. We still have an active forum community and I post on the Facebook page from time to time.

I have tentative plans to try to get more involved in the horse world in 2016, and I will absolutely share whatever that adventure becomes with you, so keep checking back!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favourite: The Friesian Horse

Make sure you turn up your volume!

You got it, I went for another lesson. I have always admired this breed from afar (you all know my love of war horses!), but never got a chance to get up close and personal with one until the last couple of weeks. I love this mare's quirky personality and the fact that she is well-trained but you don't get what you're asking for unless you deserve it. It's going to be a slow and steady process but I think eventually I will be able to get MY body working together well enough to help Bronwyn get HER body together. I am really excited to be able to speak candidly about being a plus sized rider and have an instructor who is aware of my body's abilities and limitations and helps me to figure it out. I am thankful for that today, for sure! :) Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Thank you for sharing this video featuring my dream horse! I hope one day to share my life with one of these gorgeous animals!

  2. Loved the guy on the bicycle leading the horse. Don't see THAT too often.

  3. New here, thanks for joining us plus girls. Can you pass along tips and exercises that your instructor suggests to help your riding. I live in an area that has no instructor and I have always been interested in learning correct posture and riding. I have a Percheron mare that is very willing to do what I ask of her. Thanks =-)