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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, in honour of Valentine's Day, I wanted to talk about a couple of equine-type items I have picked up over the last couple of months that I really love.

I don't know about any of you, but I have always loved "cowboy couture" - the belts, the bling, the boots... THE BOOTS. I have always admired the Ariat Fat Baby and Pro Baby collections, but guess what? GIANT FEET.

I often do browse, though - even if I a) can't afford copious prices and b) can't find anything that fits me, so when I found these on Sierra Trading Post, I got pretty excited. The whole kit-n-kaboodle cost me less than $100, shipping included! If you search around, you can find coupons for STP - and you get an extra percentage off for your first purchase. These are the Twisted X Top Hand Bomber boots. So... they're a men's boot, and they don't have pink... or rhinestones. BUT they fit! The shafts are pretty long and there is ample space for my calf. The best part of all? They are SO COMFORTABLE. I can't even explain. The day after they came in the mail, I wore them all day at a trade fair, on concrete, and had minimal pain (compared to what I normally have at one of these trade fairs, on your feet all day!). Plus, they look so darn snazzy! I am in love with them and even wear them to work on occasion. I could see myself using these boots as a riding or work boot in the barn, definitely.

The other purchase I snagged last month which I also really like was a pair of Wrangler Aura jeans - these are advertised as "instantly slimming" (I swear, riding jean companies talk about lycra blend denim like it is a BRAND NEW THING but those of us who wear 16-18+ have known for years how much more comfortable jeans with a little bit of stretch woven into the fabric are!) - aka they have a slightly higher waist and nice stretch to them. I got mine off a sale table, but they were the "average" height. I should have known better and gotten the talls, but they weren't on sale and these aren't a real flare leg like some jeans, so if you lose some length on them, it doesn't look as bad since they come in tight to the boot either way. But also... VERY COMFORTABLE - love the stretch and Shepler's has them on sale up to size 22 for $38.99 -- LAST DAY!

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  1. I wish I'd have found your blog when I was a teen girl. I still remember getting to go horseback riding on the beach for the first time. I had a deep love of horses. The first time I looked into a horse's eyes, I cried. And then the handler? (not sure what they're called) made a big deal of telling me that because I was larger he would need to find a larger horse. It hadn't occurred to me my weight would be a problem (I was probably 5'2" and a whole 180-190 at the time). That magical moment was ruined and other than a couple very hesitant tries at riding after, I never gave it another go - assuming from all that one handler had told me that I'd hurt the horses I loved so much if I tried.

    I had NO idea there were fat riders out there. My mind has officially been blown.

    Thank you!!!