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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Video Log #2

... in which I discuss the challenges of working at a restaurant while trying to lose weight, and also working a night shift and lack of sleep.

Stay tuned at the very end for a nice message for my readership. :)


  1. Just wanted to wish you and all the other blog readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

    I used to hate sending out christmas cards with my "christmas photo" in them (mom ALWAYS made us do it when we were little). This year, I decided I'd do my own New Years card and show off my wonderful pup, my amazing pony, and my own shining lovely face.


  2. I love it, CH! Looks great!

    And welcome to the world of agility. I used to train my mini aussie for agility - unfortunately as I am less fit and my dog is not highly motivated, I petered out on it. My sister is still an avid trainer and competitor with her mini aussie and her border collie cross -- she would like me to get out in the cold, cold, training barn this winter with them... we shall see how that works, haha!

    It is an extremely rewarding sport and fantastic for getting you in shape - I really enjoy going to trials and watching - a great bond between a handler and a canine is *almost* as wonderful to watch as a great bond between a rider and a horse!

  3. I kid about if I could just get Owen to stop being afraid of Kahlua, we could do a double agility team.

    I saw some videos on youtube from the FiSH board that had equine agility..Kahlua would SO be up for that.

    My friend, and fellow fat rider, Valerie is also going to start up agility with her beagle/fox hound pup at the same time. We're looking at it as a way to entertain our dogs, ourselves, and get a little more fit before the summer when the real riding season starts here.

  4. I just watched your video diaries, one and two. good luck with your goals. Something struck me in video one- you said it is just as "easy to put something in the deep frier" as it was to eat well. You should really do you and your family a service and throw away the deep frier, you don't need one in the house! Go through the cupboards and get rid of all the junk, and don't buy it anymore, and if your family buys it shame on them, they are not supporting you! Stock up on the fixings for salad, if you have fresh bagged spinach or romaine lettuce it is a lot faster to throw together a salad. I love the spinach with canned mixed beans(rinsed), canned orange slices, cranberries, maybe some almonds with poppy seed dressing. I know there are still a lot of calories but the benefits are great. I also take a kelp or b vitamin supplemant, if I don't, I get very lazy and cranky. Although i am more than twice your age. I own and clean a boarding barn with 40 plus horses on the property, so I know what it is like to be busy. I find the hardest times are afternoons. I would stongly suggset you get a different job, i gained a lot of weight when I worked at a restaurant too, luckily I only worked there for 3 months befoer i openedmy boarding barn.

  5. Anonymous, we don't actually own a deep frier, we just use a pot and oil - there are ways to make it happen, believe me!

    I know about the food to use - I lost 40lbs eating better and such, and I know how to do it, it is just a matter of applying it now!

    I have been at the restaurant for two years now and have not found myself to gain any weight necessarily from working there - my home habits need to improve just as much as anything else. The restaurant has great salads that are easy to put together - it's the picking, which, if I had willpower, I could stop!

    I do feel an obligation to the restaurant and the manager though - I'm not just a waitress, I'm a GOOD waitress and trained in many of the areas of it's function so I don't like the idea of leaving but it looks like it's going to have to happen because of financial issues, not weight issues.

  6. Ok, good luck, i will be a follower and will comment often, I had to sign in as annonymous 'cause i am not great at computers. will try to fugure our how to put myself into the follower group, maybe we can lose 20 lbs. together.