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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hurry up and wait!

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

― Earl Nightingale
I don't know how evident it is, but I am probably one of the least patient people I know by times. Other times, I can hold out forever waiting for what I want, but when it comes to big things that will be big life changes... well, those I want right away.  

It was raining this week when I headed to the farm. That's really nothing new, to be honest - it has been raining on and off for the last three weeks - in fact, we attended three separate wedding events and there was rain at each one! (G and I joked that perhaps we ought to stop attending weddings since we seem to bring the rain with us - even when we leave the province for it!) I went to meet my trimmer for a 4-week follow up on Rex's beginning trim and a look at his thrush. Since he grows pretty slow and Bronwyn seems to, too, we decided to go back to the six week schedule we were on for B and try him at 6 weeks as well. So far so good, though!  

I definitely noticed a difference already since we started feeding him the loose mineral and flax/rice bran blend that I bought a month or so ago, through his body. I think it will take a little while longer to get to his feet. Rome was certainly not built in a day and though I have recently heard more "you can make any skinny/unthrifty horse fat in a month" than I can shake a stick at, I feel that if you do it slowly and correctly, it has less implications down the road for the horse. Not that he was thin, but just not thrifty - needing a little something else.      

Rexy Perplexy in all his glory.

Annnyways - all that to say, a couple of things made me go "I wish the next two years would hurry up and get over with!" - for those who don't know, two years is the target that G and I have to be set up in our own home as husband and wife, with horses in the back yard and a family started.   I spent about an hour and a half picking snarls out of Bronwyn's tail. She has a large tail and it can't be braided for more than a couple of days without being reset or it turns into a giant witch's knot. Even more so on pasture, with flies (plus, I think it's kind of mean to keep it braided/bagged when she needs it for swishing flies!) - which is where she is right now. I kept thinking "if she was in my back yard, I could be combing it out every night and it would only take 5 minutes" -- whether I would actually have the ambition to comb it out every night or not, I don't know (well, I do - and the answer is "probably knot"... hahahaha.. I kill me.) - but still, the thought was there.  

I also was unable to ride due to the rain (well, if I had gotten my butt in gear in the morning, I could have, but I don't have a high gear in the morning, I just kind of trudge along like a tractor at low speed), so I ended up sitting in the barn, looking at their butts while they chowed down and I divided their supplements into daily baggies, feeling kind of grumpy about the rain on the tin roof and the lack of time that I had. I thought to myself that if they were in my back yard, I would have the opportunity to ride every day if I wanted to (again, would I have the ambition to do that? Probably not, but the sentiment is still there!).  

Every once in a while I feel like two years is so long, we are spinning our wheels in the mud, getting nowhere - but that's not true - we are farther ahead financially than we were six months ago, and if we keep going this way, we should reach our goal, possibly with time to spare.  

Sometimes, though, I have to stop all that negative talk - the time will pass anyways. And all of the hiccups and road blocks that we feel like we might have now will build character, knowledge and experience for when we do step into home ownership and horsekeeping that we would not have had without this two years to deal with them. The truth is that things will happen exactly when they are supposed to happen as long as we keep focus and an open heart. I feel like that can be applied to a lot of things in life. :)  


  1. Thank you for posting what I (and perhaps others) feel but can not express. Nina (MN)

  2. Wait until you get to my age - time seems to go by so quickly that two years would seem like a blink of an eye. :-) It's exciting that you are working towards a life goal...and when it happens the time it took to get there will make it that much sweeter.

    We've been having a lot of torrential rain here in Ontario also. Hope you get to ride soon!

  3. When the two years are over you'll be so glad to have done so! Good luck reaching your goal :)

  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for all the details. :)

  5. As my mother used to say to me, "Patience, jackass." After having donkeys for a few years I realized that long-ears are quite high in their level of patience. As for me, it is still a virtue in which I am very limited.