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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

I think we can say with certainty that 2012 was a big year for Bronwyn and I. A year full of changes and growth and, I believe, a strengthening of our bond. I know that I, myself, have felt pushed and challenged for the better, and Bronwyn's body and skill attests to the same for her. I thought we could look back at the entries of 2012 and some of the highlights!

January -  Taking The Big Leap - I made the decision to persue riding lessons for the first time in a very long time. I put myself out there and hoped to be well recieved. I found a barn family that I would not trade.

FebruaryThe Things Worth Having - A discussion of the work involved with horse ownership - the work that it takes to have the things that are worth having, and realized that even though we might be tired at the end of the day, we are happy and fulfilled.

March - Negativity Breeds Negativity - I talked a bit about motivation in the face of a campaign aimed at shaming children for their bodies.

April - You shouldn't believe everything that you read on the internet... - A brief review of my feelings toward some of the commentary I recieve on my Youtube videos, etc, on a regular basis.

May - Guest Blog: “My Horse Isn’t Fat, He’s Just Big Boned” by Dr. Joan Norton, VDM DACVIM - A featured guest blog by Dr. Joan Norton, VDM DACVIM about our "fat horses", Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and Insulin Resistance (IR).

JuneMoving Day! - We moved!

July - Setting Goals - I got to share the lovely video of two girls from our forum who met, decided on a goal, and made it happen - very fashionably, I might add!

August - Things to Worry About- A brief look at my fanatical worrywart-ism.

September  - Product Review: Fuller Fillies Show Boot - a thorough review of the Fuller Fillies show boots (I get asked about this one often) - which I still love and wear, and which have not let me down.

October - Full Disclosure - a blog entry in direct response to a very unfriendly forum conversation that popped up on Horse & Hound.

November - Don't Wait - "You might not have forever to wait for that perfect moment to do the things that will make you happy or that you want to do. Don't wait "until tomorrow". Tomorrow might never come."

December - Your Christmas Gifts to Yourself - READ IT. I want you to.

Overall, a round and full year of growth and discovery for myself - I hope that in some of my writings, it has been the same for you as well. Keep your eyes open for tomorrow, when we're going to talk about goal setting once again.

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