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Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favourite: Courageous Comet & Rebecca Holder 2011 WEG Cross Country Run

Thanks to one of our Facebook Fans for sharing this video on the wall yesterday!

I don't think that ANYBODY could tell me that this woman and her horse are not athletes - and he is not an enormous horse, either - tremendous, yes, but enormous, no. Love the pricked ears and pleasant expression - he clearly LOVES his job and is not bothered by any extra pounds his rider may be carrying.


  1. To do XC, you have to be just as fit as your horse. There is a definite difference between "fit fat" and "unfit fat" as well as "fit skinny" and "unfit skinny." I know plenty of people who are tiny and weigh next to nothing, but can't walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath.

    Personally, I'd rather be considered obese on the BMI scale (which I believe is crock, anyway, but as an example) and be able to walk/run up a couple flights of stairs and be able to talk normally, thank you very much!

  2. I absolutely adore watching Becky Holder ride -- she has such excellent position and technical skill. Watching her rebalance Comet before fences is so instructive, not to mention her solid leg. She's incredibly fit, too -- she can hold a plank longer than anyone else on the US team. :)

  3. holy canoli what a course! what a horse! what a rider! My thighs started burning just watching her in a half-seat for so long, and at the end I was cheering them on trying to get them in without time faults! :) great friday video! Corinna

  4. So inspiring. I've let my weight stop me from riding for too long! I need to stop dreaming and start riding again.

  5. awsome video, these to are a great combination. defintly need to be fit for eventing no matter what your size.

    I also used to work in a dressage barn, the trainer always said that a good rider was a good rider,But a skinny bad rider, just had no extra flesh to hid their flaws!

    love your blog check out mine to


  6. I was told at a lesson barn once that I was too fat to ride her horses (Morgans), that I needed to buy a draft cross, and the barn owner found me one. I was about 250lbs at the time. That horse was a terrible match for me.

    The next trainer I had said that a skinny rider with bad balance is worse than a heavy rider with good balance. Balance is where it's at, apparently. That started me on the road to getting my self-esteem back. Now sold the draft cross to a friend (skinny girl who LOVES him) and I'm riding regularly. My horse? A 16.2hh QH. :)

  7. What an awesome horse and rider team!! He is SO in tune with her, it was beautiful to watch. Makes me miss my XC days. Thanks for sharing!!!