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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The product/piece of equipment you CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT.

I was pondering, this morning, while standing in my driveway longing Rex in my pj shorts and tank top, the stuff that makes my life easier. What prompted this was my longe line:

It's made by Coastal Pet/Accent Halters, and I might be a little biased because my mom is the only dealer of these products in our region, but we have been using their products for years and years. They have great halters, too, which every horse in my barn currently wears and has for the last 10 years... but I love this longe line. The rubber grip on it slides up and down the line easily so you can feed out or bring in quite easily depending on the horse that you're longing, and then you can lock it by holding it and it doesn't move around. I think it's probably the most genius idea ever, as someone who doesn't like to wear gloves (I feel like it lessens my 'feel') and who owns a horse (*cough*Bronwyn*cough*) who used to take great pleasure at running through my hands on the longeline.

Another thing that I really love (and this is another thing that my mom also deals, haha) is Premier Equine's Rose Oil Conditioner. Considering that probably 80% of my grooming routine with Bronwyn is mane and tail maintenance, this is an important one to me. I also really dig using it on mostly white horses (read: Rex) because it helps them stay cleaner and deflect dirt. As a side bonus, no silicone AND I can get it in concentrate, which is good, because I use copious amounts of product to deal with 2 feet of mane!

For my US readers - both of these products are available quite readily through a variety of online sites and maybe in your local stores. Canadians and otherwise? I'm not sure, sorry - but do encourage you to give them a try!

Those are just a couple of the invaluable products that make my life easier everyday. I think it's always good to share these resources with our friends, so go ahead - fill the comments with your "must haves"!


  1. Oooooooooh I really like that line!!! Mine looks like the english webbed reins and has little leather 'stoppers' every two feet. It is great, and wonderfully soft and you can gauge how far out the horse is easily... but those little leather things HURT so much when you nick one quickly. I'd love to have a rubberized version like yours!

    My favorite horsey things in all the world are my Francois Gauthier reining bits. So well made, well balanced, and gorgeous to boot. They are exactly what I thought I needed for my boy and the difference in him while wearing one is just astronomical. I have 2, same style of mouthpiece but different weights/shank length. Bestest best bits in all the world. And they are priced right! My 'work' bit was 35$ and my show bit was only 50$.

    I also can't live without Lami-Cell horse boots. Thought they don't really make my life easier, I still adore them.

  2. I can't live without my Collegiate saddles. I love them -- they fit Rev so perfectly, and they're so very comfortable!! I know they're not high-end saddles, but they're so nice. I even get compliments on my jumping saddle, which surprises me every time, since it's a cheap saddle.

    Now that I have a pair of FITS breeches, I don't know how I survived so long without them. They fit perfectly, they're grippy in the saddle without being too grippy, and they're flexible and move well. Perfect full-seat breeches!!

    And side reins. Fo' sho.

  3. I think you can't live without a good wheel barrow. I keep my ponies at home and that thing is like my best friend. Mine at the moment is in need of some urgent repairs and it is making life difficult.

  4. Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover...because I have a mostly white horse who really, really wants to be a brown one! :)