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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weight Loss Vlog #8

I don't usually say too much on here about the weight loss, and you can choose to view the vlog or choose not to. I have to say today that I am super excited, though! I never get the chance to say "I'm finally in the X00's!" like they do on the Biggest Loser because I started at 303 (so losing 3lbs was not a big deal and I had been in the 200s before recently!), and 200 is a long ways away...

But I can say with pride today that I have finally left the ranks of "100lbs+ to lose" and am now only 99lbs away from my goal weight! *does a small dance of celebration*

And without further ado, the vlog:


  1. Big congrats! :)
    I love your blog! I may not be a fat girl, actually I'm on the end of of the scale where gaining weight is a goal. You've given me a lot of unique insight and I love reading this blog!

  2. Alexis - it touches my heart to get comments like this. I know that there are readers out there who are NOT plus sized and I really love being able to give some insight to people who might not have otherwise thought about it. :)

  3. Hey congrats on your weight loss again. Knowing you have to loss less than a 100 lbs is SO huge so I join you in the happy dance. I was so happy when I realized I had less than 100. Now I am looking forward to less that 75.

    I gained this week, just a really sucky week in general. I started exercising again this week and man do my legs hurt!!

    I agree with rice cakes, they really do give you that cookie taste. Although I do like the 100 calorie packs, well some of them.

  4. You go girl! I have 15 pounds to lose to hit 200 and I can tell you, its sure not easy to stick to a plan everyday.

  5. I just found your blog and I am just in love with it...and amazed by your tenacity to stick with your goals, girl!! I will be following you and encouraging you from now on...keep up the GREAT inspiring work! :)