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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Favourite: Research!

I gotta say... I was quite delighted to see this on my Facebook feed earlier this week, posted on the Riding Light Facebook fan page. Click to enlarge and read the text!

This is what Kris said about it:
I've heard that rider balance is more important than rider weight, but I wanted to PROVE it. So yesterday I completed an experiment. I rented an Infrared Thermographic camera and had two very different sized riders ride the same horse in the same saddles at the same gait for the same amount of time. There was 100 pounds of difference between the riders. The heavy rider rode relaxed and in balance, and the lighter rider intentionally rode stiff, crooked, and out of balance.

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  1. Recently found AFGAFH and love you.
    Amanda, you have such a beautiful and confident outlook, and you are encouraging in a sincere and well written manner.
    I'm making my way through your archives slowly.

    I'm a fellow Canadian, I think you'd call me 'fluffy', I ride a brother/sister pair of reg'd Morgans (short backs, feet of iron, and never seem to have a speck of trouble carrying me all day), once in awhile my OTTStandardbred, and have a stocky QH in training.

    If you can direct me to your favourite photo of your mare?