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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Farm Visit Sunday!

Guys, winter sucks. I mean, I trade a lot of the other stuff to have to deal with winter - sweltering heat, tornadoes, earthquakes, large populations of poisonous animals, etc - and every year, when winter starts and the snowflakes are kind of cute and romantic, I say "oh well, it's just winter". Yeah. Right about now, I am counting down the days until winter is over.

I was out to the farm a couple of times last week - Sunday to meet up with my trimmer so she could give my kids fancy pedicures, and then again through the week to visit/basically spend time with the horses. Though the weather was mild, the ice on the ground was freaking ridiculous, so my original fantasies about going on just one tiny little stroll bareback through the snow were pretty much dashed. And so it goes with winter. Stinking winter. 

Now that we've had tons of mild weather and rain, the snow is mostly gone but I am stuck in the office. So goes with life. Stinking life. Anyways, here are some pictures I snapped with the new camera that G gave me for Christmas. It's water, dust, shock and cold proof which means the intent with which he gave it was so that I could take it to the barn/riding and stop using his camera for those things and putting it in harm's way every time. :) Enjoy!

Bronwyn sez "I see you have come to feed me treats."

Bronwyn sez "Please also feed my filly, Lola, treats as well."


Rex, Serenity and Lola are the derpiest of derps. Bronwyn cannot associate with them.

My three, er... two horses.

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  1. Yay Fuzzy ponies, cute pics!
    Hope snow & ice disappear soon and that you can log some more pony time!