2015-12-15: Hi! You're probably here because you did a Google search for 'plus sized horseback riders' or you saw my content quoted elsewhere. There are a couple of things I'd like you to know.

I am still here! But I am living away from my horses and not riding often. I could tell you a lie and say that I am, but I have always endeavored to give you the truth here. As a result, I'm not feeling terribly motivated to write blog posts and I feel out of touch with the community.

I'd love for you to stay a while and look back through the archives. Visit the links listed below. We still have an active forum community and I post on the Facebook page from time to time.

I have tentative plans to try to get more involved in the horse world in 2016, and I will absolutely share whatever that adventure becomes with you, so keep checking back!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Exciting announcement, everybody!

The FORUM is here!

You can click the word "FORUM" above, check out the link in the sidebar that I will put up VERY soon, or click on this link below:


Be aware that this is a MODERATED forum, and for the protection of the forum members, you must be a member and be signed in to read the posts!

Also need to give a shout-out to Sam @ Zhuria Web Design for setting us up with a spiffy forum that matches the blog! Check her out for web design - she owns horses so she has that extra edge for equine sites!

Now... sign up and get posting! :)


  1. Hi there! I surfed into your site via OnTheBit -- onthebit.wordpress.com -- and I am officially hooked! I'm a plus size rider too, and I always say to myself at shows "god, it's so good to see other people who look like me!" It can be easy to forget that there are other plus size riders out there too, when all I see at my barn are tall, slim people!

    Nice to meet you! :)

  2. Hi! Just found your blog...can't wait to go back through the archives and have a read!

    If you get a chance, check out a group blog (regarding weight loss and riding and all kinds of misc. stuff!) I write on with some other horsey ladies...


  3. Hi... I'm new to western riding, and I'm having a REALLY hard time finding a place that sells plus sized chaps. The largest I've found was 2X but I need 3X. Any ideas? Also, I can't really afford to have them custom made.